Testimonials and FAQ


SPRS services

We can help bridge the gap from musical  "idea" to full production without breaking the bank.  

Jerome Jordano's Album No. 2

Album number 2 will mirror the first album with dreamy love songs and smooth catchy rhythms.  

What They Are Saying....

Great "hook", I listen to your CD all the time in my truck. - KS

I've memorized every lyric, love the songs! - LJ

The Man You Run To takes me back to this..!  "The shelter of your arms" Sammy Davis Jr - BC

Limited Time Offer

If you would like a SIGNED copy of either the CD or Vinyl record, please contact SPRS via email and put the name of the artist you would like to have sign the product.  Let us know if you would like it addressed to a particular person, if it is for a special occasion, or any details you have in mind.  


Can some of the services be done offsite?

Yes, we can record you live on site or take musical material you have already created and build on it without you leaving your home.