Brent Spiegel


About Brent

Brent is a musician, music producer and studio owner all in one! Currently an owner of Fast Trax Recording Studio located in San Luis Obispo, California while also being one of the owners of Shattered Paradigm Records L.L.C. At an early age, Brent was passionate for music and played in a cover band with his two younger brothers. Despite being the lead vocalist, Brent's passion for playing the guitar geared his focus towards viewing himself primarily as a guitar player. In his cover band, Brent traveled a lot, made a lot of records, and truly experienced what it takes to be a musician. In fact, he produced and recorded his music in the garage of his parents house on ADATs. With his band money, Brent was able to buy his first car at the age of 16. Though young at the time, Brent learned the value of true dedication and hard work. Overall, during his time in a band, Brent was able to study music and build a foundation surrounding his knowledge of Pop, Rock and Country music; making the music lover he is today. 

Fast Trax Recording Studio