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About the Musician

About the Musician

About the Musician


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About the Musician

About the Musician

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Whose next?

About the Musician

Whose next?

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Meet Jerome


Jerome Jordano's Hometown

Growing up on the central coast of California has instilled a deep love of sand and ocean in his soul.  Many of his lyrics point to the deep feelings he has for this wonderful place.  Wading through tide pools as a child, with his father leading the way, is one of his favorite early memories.  "No matter where I am physically in the world, I always long to return home.  Home to the beach and ocean."

Collaboration is Key

A "BIG" thank you to Fast Trax Recording Studio in San Luis Obispo, CA.  Brent Spiegel was instrumental in the creation of Not Going Home (Without You).  He brings decades of experience both as a musician and recording technician.  

A second "BIG" thank you to Lurrsen Recording Studio in Los Angeles, CA for the mastering of the record.  Gavin Lurssen is attentive, professional, and his grammy award winning portfolio speaks for itself.

What Instrument?

Jerome began playing the guitar at age 12.  He remembers playing old 60's tunes for his grandmother in the Santa Ynez valley.  His most favorite was "Rubber Ball" (Bobby Vee) and can still picture the huge smile on her face when he used to play.  A second favorite was "Runaway" by Del Shannon.  As any new musician can appreciate after learning a  new song or two, he would play these new songs ad nauseum,  and grandma "Gidgy" as she was affectionately known, would smile as big  the 100th time as the first.

Late in Life

Although like many artists, his dream of writing and recording was not realized until later in life.  And he feels the inspiration for his music has just begun.

About Us


Music Creation

Created in the quiet, sometimes lonely places of ones' soul, shared with a few, produced with trepidation and excitement, and presented to the world as an offering.  

Loved or hated.  Always criticized.  Sometimes outwardly, sometimes inwardly.  Experienced often or only once.  Often dismissed.  Sometimes never heard at all.

...and forever having never left the quiet soul from where it began.



Good friends are like fine art, someone, somewhere is bound to find them appealing...